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Home is where you find peace and comfort after a long day of work. It’s a place where you laugh, play, and enjoy movie nights with your friends and family. It’s a place where you and your family should feel and stay secure.
Residential properties are more targeted by burglars, as they account for more than 70% of all burglaries. To secure your home, an airtight lock and security system should be installed by a professional residential locksmith in Toronto. An airtight security system gives you peace of mind as you're assured of the safety of your family and that of your property.
If you own a residential building, keeping the residents, their property, and your building safe should be a top priority. This means installing top-of-the-line security systems and ensuring that all entry points are secure. This can be done by enlisting expert locksmiths in Toronto, who will provide exceptional services to protect your property and its dwellers.
As renowned locksmiths in Toronto, GR Locksmith offers excellent services to secure your residential property and home. We offer you peace of mind knowing that your family and belongings are safe under our professionally installed home security systems and exceptional services.

About Us

GR Locksmith is a reputable Toronto locksmith company that provides unsurpassed lock and security system solutions to the people of Toronto. We have been providing our superior locksmith services in Toronto for more than 25 years, which has given us a lot of experience and a reputation for excellence in our security system products and services.

Our team comprises of highly-trained, certified, experienced, and dedicated locksmith experts who are always prepared to provide unmatched residential services in Toronto. Our team stays updated with all the new lock and security system trends in the industry, to ensure that we provide our clients with the very best security solutions.

GR Locksmith experts are equipped with advanced equipment to ensure that each locksmith service that we provide is accomplished in the best way possible.

Our expert services are offered 24/7. We respond fast to your residential emergency locksmith calls in Toronto because your safety is always our priority.

Our Services

Home Lockouts

If you get locked out of your residence, either by misplacing your keys or locking them inside the house, don’t spend hours stranded outside your home. GR Locksmith offers fast and reliable lockout services in Toronto to help you access your home. If you misplaced your keys, we can either rekey or replace your lock.

Lock Change

When you move into a new residence, securing your home, family, and property should be done immediately. This entails changing all the locks, including your door and mail locks, to ensures that you are the only one with access. You can also change your locks over time to upgrade to a more secure and modern lock.

Lock Repair

When your home or residential building locks get damaged or jammed, you don’t have to change the entire lock, especially if it provides the required security. Our residential locksmith experts in Toronto are well-versed with every type of lock, including multipoint locks. This means they can perform the required repairs to restore the functionality of your locks.

Break-in Entry Door Repair

If your entry door gets damaged due to a break-in, repairing it should be a top priority. At GR Locksmith, we are always there for you, especially during emergencies such as break-ins. We will respond fast with all the necessary equipment to repair your entry door, and perform any required adjustments to secure your home.

Patio/Sliding Door Repair

The patio door is a crucial part of your home’s overall security. Since its mainly made of glass, the door can get damaged during storms. The sliding mechanism can also malfunction. In case of any damage to the sliding door, contact the best residential locksmiths in Toronto for fast and reliable repairs.

Garage Door Repair

A damaged or malfunctioning garage door is an inconvenience to you, and a manipulatable entry point to your home. GR Locksmith offers fast garage door fixes in Toronto and makes the necessary upgrades to secure your garage and restore your property’s security.

Safes and Vaults

Our homes are full of valuables, and some require an additional level of security. This is why GR Locksmith offers high-quality, tempered safes and vaults to store your jewels and other valuables. Our safes and locks are fitted with an alarm for additional security. We also repair damaged locks and safes.

Door Closers

GR Locksmith offers high-quality, concealed door closers installation. Door closers play a vital role in your residential property, as they prevent door slamming, which could easily damage your doors. We also offer repair or replacement services for damaged door closers.

Rekeying/ Master-Key System

Rekeying your locks is crucial when you move into a new place or lose your keys. It ensures that you’re the only one with access to your property. Rekeying can also be done to create a master key system, which gives you access to multiple doors using one key.

Automatic Door Operators

Automatic door operators allow easy entry and exit into your residential properties, especially for disabled persons. When damaged, they create an inconvenience for everyone trying to gain access to your building. Enlist the services of the best residential locksmiths in Toronto to get your automatic door operators functioning as required.

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