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Push Bar / Panic Bar Toronto

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Push Bar Toronto For Your Business

Equip your doors the right way and have them always ready for an emergency by installing a push bar. Also called a crash bar, bull bar, touch bar, or panic bar, this door add-on allows people from the inside to quickly get out in case of an emergency, like a fire or an earthquake. If you are looking for a reliable push bar installer in the Greater Toronto Area, look no further than GR Locksmith.

A panic bar or push bar does not require any keys, levers, or any unlocking maneuver to open a door. All you need to do is push the spring-loaded bar, and the door is automatically unlatched and opened. This type of bar is typically found in commercial or industrial environments and is most popularly used in schools, hospitals, corporate centers, and malls. The goal is to enable people to head out in a hurry, while keeping those in the outside from getting in unauthorized.

Where Can A Panic Bar Be Installed?

Panic bars are typically installed in doors and are utilized at exits, though they are becoming a popular for entryways, as well. They are usually mounted at a certain height (from 34″ to 48″ from the floor’s surface) or the threshold.

Installing a panic bar on doorways isn’t a complicated task as it requires only a few standard tools to complete. However, what it does require is a lock specialist experienced in handling panic or push bars. Otherwise, you will be wasting time and resources. A push bar that is ill-installed will only cause problems and safety issues in the future. That said, be sure to hire only the most reliable door crash bar installation specialists in the GTA.

How Secure are Push Bars Against Break-Ins?

Panic bars are known to have saved lives in many emergencies. They are the most preferred and even required for all commercial and industrial establishments. One thing to consider about choosing the right type of panic bar is your provider’s track record. While there are plenty of panic bar manufacturers and providers out there, not all are code compliant.

How secure are they, you might ask? Secure enough that they are essential to all locations that have high foot traffic. Plus, while panic bars enable people to vacate the area when needed immediately, they also prevent unauthorized persons from entering. The bar is installed just in the interior part of the door. The outside cannot be opened, and people from that side of the door won’t enter unless somebody from the inside uses it to get out.

That said, be sure to install only the most reliable, durable, and code-compliant push bar units for your doors. If your existing panic bar has started to show signs of degradation, be sure to have it fixed or replaced immediately so that you are prepared for anything.

Why Hire GR Locksmith?

You need a push bar provider and installation that is tried and tested in the market. GR Locksmith has serviced small retail shops to large enterprise-level facilities on their locking and security requirements. GR Locksmith’s team of specialists are experts in the industry, so you can rest assured that your property is secure on regular days and ready in the event of an emergency. In addition to installations, we also conduct regular maintenance checks on your panic bars and other locking systems for optimal functioning.

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