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Every home or business needs access to a dependable locksmith for their security and peace of mind. Whether it’s for installing new locks or dealing with emergency lockout situations, there’s always something to gain from having a trusted locksmith on your phonebook. GR Locksmith provides traditional and keypad locks installation services at affordable rates for clients in Toronto and beyond.

Keypad Locks: What They Are and How They Work

What is a keypad lock? A keypad lock is a type of locking system that does not use keys, unlike the traditional method. So instead of you carrying around a keychain that’s loaded with all sorts of keys to different assets, you can either carry one card that can be swiped or tapped or a combination or code that’s unique to you to key in.

Keypad locks were already popular with hotels, offices, and other places of business, but it has gradually become the safer access point of choice for many residential areas as well.

How does a keypad lock work? Think of it as like using an ATM card, where you swipe your card to get access to your account or a building entry card that you simply tap onto a sensor so you can go in. This keyless entry and exit feature enables one to more efficiently and safely keep track of just one access unit, instead of worrying about a bunch of keys jangling and weighing you down. Plus, you no longer have to worry about getting your keys lost or misplaced.

If you live in a shared space, you can ask the other occupants for the code, or just remember the entry code that’s been issued exclusively to you. If you’re using the keyless entry system for the office, you can restrict access to cards based on the person and even the time of use. This way, you can control the entries and exits from the premises.

Card Access and Keypads

Card access and keypad systems offer a higher level of security than a traditional lock-and-key system. If your card or code gets compromised, all you need to do is switch off access for that specific code and anybody who tries to use it immediately becomes unable to do so. If the card gets lost, you can just issue a new card and activate another code.

Card access and keypad lock systems have changeable entry codes, which means you can easily switch up the passcode if you feel that yours has been compromised. If you are renting property, having keypad locks means not having to change locks every single time. Your landlord can change the code or have you pick one for safety. If you have kids, never again will you get home to your child sitting outside the door because they were locked out. You can share the security code with them, and they can easily get to safety when you’re not home.

Another unique feature of keypad lock systems is the variety of designs available. You can choose from a range of electronic locks, card access locks, and other technologies for keyless entry to suit your needs and personal style. There are different designs for them too, depending on whether you want your keypad locks to look sleek and modern or if you still want them to look like the traditional vintage units.

Why You Should Use Card Access and Keypad Systems

When it comes to property safety, durable and high-security locking systems are necessary to keep your assets and documents safe and out of unauthorized reach. At GR Locksmith, our highly skilled lock technicians employ state-of-the-art equipment to set up advanced locking systems that guarantee your and your property’s protection.

To date, card access and keypad systems are the most low-touch, but high-security mechanisms to keep your space secure. They are difficult to crack and almost impossible to pick, making card access and keypad systems the best and most reliable choice for your locks.

The high-tech constructions of card access and keypad systems are typically so advanced that they cannot be duplicated. Most of the models in the market today are almost impossible to copy, thus adding a plus point to their reliability.

High-Quality Keypad Lock Installation Services at Affordable Rates

For any home, office, or business, security is paramount and something that you should never take for granted. If you are looking for a trusted and experienced keypad lock installation service in Toronto, look no further than GR Locksmith.

We provide expert lock installation services at rates that are within your budget. in this way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected. Our mission is to deliver customer satisfaction, and we are committed to working closely with you to deliver the end product and level of security that you desire for your space. Whether you’re interested in a card access system or a keypad for your home, business, or office, you can count on our team to get the job done for you in no time.

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