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    GR Locksmith Etobicoke offers a 24hr locksmith services. Whether its summer or winter, day or night, rainy or sunny, our Etobicoke locksmith experts are always available.

    The reason we provide 24hr locksmith services in Etobicoke is because your comfort and security matters to us. When your lock jams or gets damaged in the middle of the night, you can’t rest well since you, your family and your property aren’t secure. In such cases, call us, and we’ll come, fix the problem, and ensure that your home is protected.

    Security at your business premises should always be airtight. When locks get damaged, or your main door weakens or breaks, necessary repairs should be made immediately. As 24hr Etobicoke locksmith experts, we are always a call away and prepared to secure your premises by making all the required repairs, including repairing or changing your locks, repairing your door, and fixing your entire security system. Do not hesitate to contact us.

    New apartments and offices require a change of locks or rekeying the ones you find. This should be done before moving in or immediately after moving in for security reasons. Give us a call, and we’ll be there to secure your property.

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    Locksmith Service in Etobicoke

    Etobicoke has many residential and commercial buildings. As locksmiths, we have come to learn that they’re all targeted by burglars and, therefore, security should always be a priority.

    At home, the locks and the overall security system should be reliable to protect our families and any valuable items.  When we’re at home or away at work, we should always have peace of mind knowing that our doors, locks, and installed security systems will provide the necessary protection to our homes. We provide expert locksmith services in Etobicoke, and we’ll be glad to help you secure your home.

    Whether it’s a store or an office down the street or at the mall, our businesses should always be protected by installing high-level security systems. At GR Locksmith, we help secure your business premises by installing advanced security systems. We are a reliable and trusted locksmith service in Etobicoke.

    GR Locksmith Etobicoke has more than two decades of experience installing, repairing, replacing, and inspecting locks and security systems. By enlisting our locksmith services in Etobicoke, you’ll have the best experts establishing your home’s or business’s security.

    Trust us to handle all your residential, commercial, and automobile locksmith services in Etobicoke with proficiency.

    Ready to take your call 24/7

    Emergency Locksmith in Etobicoke

    Quick response to your locksmith emergencies saves you time and averts frustrations and inconveniences. Our expert emergency locksmiths in Etobicoke are reliable, and they respond as soon as your call comes in.

    One of the many locksmith emergencies that we respond to in Etobicoke involves opening office and home doors after people lose their keys. If this happens to you, our expert locksmiths will open your door, and rekey or replace the lock to restore security. We are always there when you need us the most.

    People also tend to misplace or lock their car keys inside their vehicles when in a rush. At GR Locksmith Etobicoke, we are acquainted with all types of car locks, and we can quickly get you into your car. If your car keys are lost, we have advanced tools that enable us to create and program new car keys while disabling the lost ones.

    We are your Etobicoke emergency locksmiths, and we’ll always show up to fix your situation. Whether it’s to replace your keys, repair jammed locks, or gain access to your car, we’ll do it fast and professionally.

    Contact our Etobicoke locksmith experts for any inquiries or to request for our locksmith services.

    Services List

    New Lock Instal

    New Lock Installation

    If you’re looking to install new locks to your home or office, call a professional locksmith to get the job done right. At GR Locksmith Etobicoke, locks are a part of us. If you haven’t decided which locks to install, we’ll help you select the right ones as per the door, security requirements, and personal preference.

    Car Locksmith

    Car Locksmith

    Your car locks are susceptible to damage from environmental elements, physical force, and other damaging factors. When this happens, count on us to fix them. Car keys can also get damaged or lost. When you have any automobile emergencies, trust us to respond and offer a solution.

    Multipoint Lock Repair

    Lock Repair

    If your lock jams or malfunctions, it should be repaired immediately to restore your home’s or office’s security. Thanks to our years of locksmith experience, we are well-versed with all types of locks. Count on your expert Locksmith Etobicoke to repair your lock and get it working as required.

    Lock Change

    Lock Change

    You can change your existing lock if it keeps malfunctioning or to increase the level of security or to abide by the rules set by your insurance company. Replacing a lock requires precision to ensure that it’s properly installed, without damaging the door. Trust us to change your locks and make any adjustments for maximum security.

    Lock Re Key

    Lock Re-key / Master key system

    If you have lost your keys, or you want to make sure that no one has access to your premises without your knowledge, you can rekey your locks. This renders the old keys useless. We can also create a master key system for your building, allowing you to use one key to open every door.

    Safes And Vaults

    Safes and Vaults

    Our most precious items, including jewelry and documents, require more protection. We provide modern, high-security safes and vaults for residential and commercial purposes. After installing your safe or vault, we incorporate an alarm system to maximize protection. We also repair damaged vaults, recover or change combinations, and replace batteries, among other services.

    Residential Door Repair

    Residential Door Repair

    If your door gets damaged or weakened due to forced entry or any other cause, it should be repaired to eliminate any security weaknesses. By calling your professional Etobicoke locksmiths, you ensure that the door gets repaired and strengthened to secure your home once again. We also make any necessary adjustments to increase security.

    Commercial Door Repair

    Commercial Door Repair

    If you own a commercial building, all your entry and exit doors should be secure and void of any damage. If your property suffered a break-in or want to be sure that all doors are reliable, we can inspect and make repairs to damaged doors, restoring your building’s security.

    Sliding Glass Patio Door Replacement 1024x682 1

    Patio / Sliding Door Repair

    If your patio door or sliding door is damaged due to wear and tear, forced-entry, or any other cause, we are equipped to make the necessary repairs. As you know, a damaged door is a security vulnerability that should be corrected immediately. Call GR Locksmith Etobicoke to repair your damaged patio door.

    Break In Entry Door Repair

    Break-in Entry Door Repair

    A break-in is one of the most terrible incidences that can happen to your home. However, when it happens, we’re here to offer our professional services, including fixing your entry door. After a break-in, any damages to the entry door should be repaired immediately. Security improvements should also be made to avoid further break-ins.

    Storefront Door Repair

    Storefront Door Repair

    A damaged storefront door exposes all the items in the store to external threats.  When your storefront door is damaged, call your trusted Etobicoke locksmiths, and we’ll be there to make the required repairs. We provide all our locksmith services 24/7, throughout the year, which makes us reliable.

    Door Closers

    Door Closers

    With door closers, your residential and commercial doors are not likely to suffer any damage caused by banging. We install high-quality door closers and provide repair and replacement services at reasonable rates, throughout Etobicoke. Contact us and experience our unsurpassed Etobicoke locksmith services.

    Automatic Door Operators

    Automatic Door Operators \ Handicap Openers

    Automatic door operators increase a building’s charm while making it easy to enter and exit, especially for disabled persons. When automatic doors malfunction or get damaged, count on GR Locksmith to quickly resolve the underlying issue. We are the best locksmiths in Etobicoke, and we’re always a call away.

    Multipoint Lock Repair

    Multipoint lock repair

    Multipoint locks are designed to provide a high level of security at home or office. They are some of the best locks in the market. When damaged, a multipoint lock should be repaired by a professional locksmith who understands its intricacies. GR Locksmith Etobicoke has experience with multiple point lock systems, and we can repair a damaged one for you.

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    Our Prices

    • $29.00 service call
    • $70.00 door opening / gain entry(for high security lock price may change
    • $70.00 garage door opening / gain entry
    • $85.00 mailbox lock replacement
    • $45.00 residential deadbolt lock
    • $45.00 residential door knob
    • $65.00 residential lever handle
    • $45.00 lock rekey (ask for details)
    • $70.00 deadbolt /door knob/grip set installation
    • $55.00 door closer (price may change depends on type of door and frame style)
    • $65.00 car opening

    *after hours and emergency calls price may change. Please ask for details

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