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New Lock Installation

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Locksmith new lock installation

Installing new locks is a must in any home or place of business as they can degrade over time and eventually compromise your and your property’s safety. By partnering with the most experienced, professional locksmiths Toronto, you reward yourself with confidence and peace of mind. Our highly skilled specialists are ready to replace any lock or install brand new ones when you need them.

All-Inclusive New Lock Installation and Key Replacement

When choosing the right lock installation service in the Greater Toronto Area, there’s no better way than to get yours done with GR Locksmith. We understand the demands of the Toronto homeowner and are always prepared to assist when and where we are needed. Our comprehensive services cover a wide range of locks and key types. So no matter what locking system you have, you can count on us.

There are various reasons why people want to install locks, mainly for security, safety, and privacy. Some people choose to have entire locking systems replaced in their properties regularly to prevent any untoward incidents, while others prefer to change locks only when there’s a change in ownership (in a residence) or there’s a new staff or team member (in an office or business).

We fix and replace all types of locks and can also recommend the best locking systems for your home or office based on your needs.

Types of Deadbolt Locks

There are different types of deadbolt locks, each offering varying levels of security. Knowing what they are will help you determine which deadbolt lock system will work optimally for your space.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

This deadbolt type is the most popular choice among residences and offices. It has a keyed entry mechanism from the outside and a manual from the inside.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

This requires a keyed entry on both sides of the door.

High-Security Deadbolt

This type of deadbolt is tough to force open as it has enhanced pick resistance. It can also be in keyed or keyless entry.

Electronic Deadbolt

This allows you to open the door without a key, often requiring a code, fingerprint, or smartphone control.

Deadbolt Combination Lock

This type of lock can be accessed with a key and a code that is entered on the keypad.

Enhanced Security With a Deadbolt

Deadbolt locking systems are perhaps the most accessible and secure among the different locks in the market today. We offer top-of-the-line deadbolt technology to ensure your safety.

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