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    Locks and security systems may require installation or repair at any time or season of the year. That's why we are always available to offer expert locksmith services in North York.
    Opening a new business place requires a security system installation, and replacing or upgrading your locks as soon as possible. We understand the need for urgency and the need to protect your investments. That's why we are your 24h locksmith in North York and always a call away. We provide technologically advanced security systems to ensure that your investment is always protected.
    When you move into a new apartment, changing or rekeying the locks is always essential and one of the things you should do immediately after moving in. Call your 24hr North York locksmith, and you'll receive fast, affordable, and unparalleled services.
    One of the main reasons we are a 24hr locksmith service in North York is emergency services such as getting locked out of your building or automobile. GR Locksmith comes to your rescue within a moment's notice, and we are always happy to provide our services. What makes our work more meaningful is seeing your smile and relief as you gain entry back into your car or home.

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    North York, like most neighborhoods, experiences burglaries both in commercial and residential areas. Locks and security systems keep us, our loved ones, and our belongings safe and secure by reducing the chances of a burglar gaining entry. However, for maximum protection, a security system should be installed by trusted and experienced professionals who can even spot vulnerable entry points and secure them as required.

    At GR Locksmith North York, we have been providing locksmith services for over 25 years. This has helped us gain unsurpassed experience to install, replace, and repair locks and security systems in commercial and residential areas.

    We also specialize in all other locksmith services, including commercial and residential door repairs, installing and securing safes and vaults, automatic door operator repairs, door closers repair and replacement, and car locksmith, among other services.

    GR Locksmith North York employs advanced security technology and techniques to ensure that each locksmith service we provide in North York is exceptional and provides the required security at home or your place of business.

    Our clients always come first. That’s why we focus on individual security needs and strive to provide our services to meet or exceed your expectations.

    Contact us today for fast, reliable, and professional locksmith services in North York.

    Our Services

    New Lock Instal

    New Lock Installation

    Different businesses and homes require different locks depending on the doors, personal preferences, insurance requirements, and other factors. If you’re looking to install a new lock to increase security or for any other reasons, we help you select top-of-the-line locks with preferred security features and install them.

    Car Locksmith

    Car Locksmith

    Losing your car keys or locking them in your car comes with its fair share of fear and frustrations. At GR Locksmith North York, we help you gain entry into your car. If your car keys are lost, we cut and program new ones on the spot and take measures to render your lost keys useless.

    Lock Repair

    Lock Repair

    If your locks are faulty, jammed, or outright damaged, get the best locksmith North York to repair them. Repairing your locks averts tragedies such as getting locked out or burglary due to damaged locks. We do our best to repair your locks, but if they’re damaged beyond repair, we replace them.

    Lock Change

    Lock Change

    If you’re looking to change the locks to your new apartment or business premises or are just looking for a lock upgrade, getting trustworthy and professional locksmiths to do the replacement is vital. GR Locksmith North York experts are equipped to change any commercial or residential locks to suit your needs.

    Lock Re Key

    Lock Re-key / Master key system

    Removing a lock’s pins and replacing them with a new set is referred to as rekeying. It’s cheaper than replacing the entire lock. Whichever lock you want to rekey, may it be the mailbox or door locks, we are here to help. We can also rekey your locks to a master key system in that you’ll have one key that can open all the locks on your residential or commercial property.

    Safes And Vaults

    Safes and Vaults

    The best way to protect valuables and documents is to secure them in a vault or safe. At GR Locksmith North York, we provide high-security safes and vaults, which we integrate with an alarm system, for both residential and commercial use. We can also help you recover or change your safe/ vault combination and make any repairs.

    Residential Door Repair

    Residential Door Repair

    Security at home should always be a priority. Over time, residential doors may get damaged due to exposure to environmental or physical elements, which leaves your home exposed. At GR Locksmith North York, we repair any damaged parts of the door and perform any necessary adjustments to restore or increase security at your home.

    Commercial Door Repair

    Commercial Door Repair

    Your business premises should always be secure. Any weaknesses pose a serious threat as they can be used as easy entry points by burglars. At GK Locksmith North York, we inspect all your doors for damages and make any necessary repairs to eliminate security threats to your building.

    Sliding Glass Patio Door Replacement 1024x682 1

    Patio / Sliding Door Repair

    Most patio doors are made of glass and can be easily damaged by physical force such as heavy storms or forced entry. When this happens, your overall home security is compromised. Your professional North York locksmiths come equipped to repair your patio/ sliding doors to ensure that your home’s security is restored.

    Break In Entry Door Repair

    Break-in Entry Door Repair

    When break-ins occur, our doors are left damaged, and this requires immediate repair to restore security and our peace of mind. Our experts understand the need to fix such damages as quickly as possible, which is why we offer 24/7 locksmith services.  We’ll repair your door and make adjustments to increase your security.

    Storefront Door Repair

    Storefront Door Repair

    If your store’s front door is damaged, then your store and the valuables inside are exposed to external threats such as burglars. At GR Locksmith North York, we act fast to repair and secure your store’s front door, averting the risk to burglary. Give us a call, and we’ll respond to your emergency locksmith needs.

    Door Closers

    Door Closers

    Installing door closers prevents damages caused by slamming doors. As the leading North York Locksmith Company, we install top-quality door closers for commercial and residential applications. If you already have door closers, but they’re damaged, we repair or tighten them to ensure that they work as required. If they’re beyond repair, we offer replacements.

    Automatic Door Operators

    Automatic Door Operators \ Handicap Openers

    Automatic doors create convenience as they allow easy entry and exit at residential and commercial buildings, especially for disabled persons. When damaged, they lead to terrible inconveniences, and, therefore, they should be repaired as soon as possible. Through our North York locksmith emergency services, we can repair automatic door operators to work as required.

    Multipoint Lock Repair

    Multipoint lock repair

    One of the locks that provide heightened security for commercial and residential doors is the multipoint lock. Thanks to our vast locksmith experience, we can repair multipoint locks to restore your building’s security. Enlist our North York residential and commercial locksmith services, and benefit from our unique, quality, and professional services.

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    Our Prices

    • $29.00 service call
    • $70.00 door opening / gain entry(for high security lock price may change
    • $70.00 garage door opening / gain entry
    • $85.00 mailbox lock replacement
    • $45.00 residential deadbolt lock
    • $45.00 residential door knob
    • $65.00 residential lever handle
    • $45.00 lock rekey (ask for details)
    • $70.00 deadbolt /door knob/grip set installation
    • $55.00 door closer (price may change depends on type of door and frame style)
    • $65.00 car opening

    *after hours and emergency calls price may change. Please ask for details

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