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Residential Locksmith Toronto

It is estimated that home burglaries account for 70 percent of all burglaries and tend to spike during the summer months. Many of these burglaries occur during the daytime between 10 and 3 p.m. since this is a time when burglars assume no one is home.

Your home in Toronto should be a place where you and your family feel safe at all times. Not only does this give you peace knowing that your home is secure when you are away, but it also ensures that your family is safe from intruders at night.

While many homeowners in Toronto use various ways to keep their homes secure, the best defense is an airtight security system installed by a professional locksmith that provides stellar services to protect your residential property day and night.

Ready to take your call 24/7

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial properties in Toronto are often a target when it comes to burglaries because they contain valuable equipment, supplies, and possibly cash.

Burglars often take advantage of times when commercial properties are left vacant during the night. And oftentimes, no one is around to observe any suspicious behavior on the property. This is where our services can make all the difference.

If you own commercial property, it is essential that security is at the highest level to cover every square inch of your building. You need a security system installed by a professional Toronto locksmith service you can trust to protect your property while you are away.

When you hire us to secure your property, we take great measures to achieve this. Our team of technicians is able to identify any vulnerable areas you may have on your premises and create solutions to ensure optimal security.

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Many people don't think they need emergency locksmith services until they do. Losing your keys or locking them inside your home or office can happen at the most inopportune time. Experiencing lockout at a time when you need to gain access can be stressful and inconvenient. No one plans to be locked out of their residential home or office, but it happens. In cases of emergency, having a plan of action in the event that you find yourself locked out can save you from being stranded for hours on end. In such situations, it is imperative that you have a locksmith in Toronto you can call on to provide emergency assistance.


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About Company

Most Awarded Locksmith Company

GR Locksmith is a highly reputable locksmith company providing cutting-edge security solutions for residential and commercial buildings in Toronto. Our team of experts is well versed in the locksmith industry and keeps us with trends in the market to ensure we are outfitting each customer with the very best lock systems for their needs. We are dedicated to our valued customers and have worked diligently to establish a reputation of excellence when it comes to providing top-quality security products and delivering outstanding customer service.
We proudly provide a quick response to your security needs and offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services to make sure you are always protected.

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Our Prices

  • $29.00 service call
  • $70.00 door opening / gain entry(for high security lock price may change
  • $70.00 garage door opening / gain entry
  • $85.00 mailbox lock replacement
  • $45.00 residential deadbolt lock
  • $45.00 residential door knob
  • $65.00 residential lever handle
  • $45.00 lock rekey (ask for details)
  • $70.00 deadbolt /door knob/grip set installation
  • $55.00 door closer (price may change depends on type of door and frame style)
  • $65.00 car opening

*after hours and emergency calls price may change. Please ask for details

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