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At GR Locksmith we are ready to respond quickly. Don't let lock and security issues cause you stress. We'll get a GR locksmith out to you immediately.

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Have you been in this situation? You’re rushing to an important meeting in the morning and when you finally get to your car, you realize you don’t have your keys and, surprise, you’re locked out of the house as well. Stressful right? Things like these are not impossible, and they can happen at the most inconvenient times.

When they DO happen to you, what do you do to fix it and get your schedule back on track as soon as possible? There’s a solution! And it’s a quick one. Give our lock specialists at GR Locksmith a call and we’ll get to you within minutes!

24/7 Lock Picking Solutions by GR Locksmith

Dealing with a lock problem can be stressful, but not for us! We have the tools, equipment, and expertise to handle all types of locking mechanisms so you can continue with your routines as usual. We have a comprehensive toolset of lock picking tech, enabling us to pick locks and fix them no matter how old or modern they are. We provide 24/7/365 assistance to anybody who needs help with picking a lock or any other work that involves locks wherever you are in Toronto.

Lock picking work is rather technical and complicated, but we can handle it no matter how stubborn it is. We understand the inner workings of every lock in the market (and even those that are out of the market), so we understand the variations in size, diameter, and tensions.

We use low invasive and high-tech tools to handle faulty locks and those that we need to pick. There’s no need to break your windows, doors or cause any damage to your assets to get the job done right. We also perform the work on the spot, so you know that you’ll get it fixed within minutes or a couple of hours, depending on the complexity. There’s no back job and no need to get worried about future repair work. If necessary, we can rekey the locks quickly, as well.

Reliable 24/7 Lock Picking Solutions

The moment you get in touch with us to report your lock issue, you can expect our team to be in your location within minutes. We will assess the lock and diagnose it immediately, so we get to address the problem right then and there. We understand the importance of securing your vehicle or home to prevent any break-ins or other threats. If needed, our team can also cut keys to match the existing version. This way, there’s no need to spend more to get a new key built. No matter where you are in Toronto, and regardless of what it is, we’ll be there to help. Even on weekends and holidays!

Another thing the GR Locksmith team is particularly proud of is our unparalleled work and safety standards. There are plenty of companies out there that promise to fix your locks, but they aren’t as reliable when it comes to after-sales and safety. Our team is always updated with market trends and lock designs, as well as equips ourselves with the best technology, to deliver the lock services that you need to put your mind at ease.

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