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Electronic Keypad Locks

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Need to install a keyless entry security system for your home or business? Look no further than GR Locksmith. Our highly skilled and dependable lock technicians are equipped to handle any keyless entry mechanism for your safety and peace.

Benefits of Using a Keypad Lock

What is a keypad door lock, and how would you benefit from having a keypad lock system installed in your home or business? The biggest and most obvious advantage of a locked keypad is that this one does not have a key, unlike the traditional locks. The keyless entry system also avoids the waiting time that can occur if you get locked out or lose your key and have a locksmith make a new one.

Electronic keypad locks boost security. They are difficult to get into because only you or your authorized personnel know the passcode. Plus, if you feel that your lock keypad’s password has been compromised, all you need to do is update your code. It is also important to note that a keyless entry security system cannot be duplicated. Only the manufacturer can do it.

Overall, keypad locks for commercial doors and residential entryways are a safer, more reliable, and more convenient way to secure your space while lowering the risk of compromise. For enhanced safety, be sure to have your keyless lock installed by a reputable and experienced locksmith Toronto that’s committed to providing quality workmanship.

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