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No matter where you are if your car lock is malfunctioning or you lose your key, you will need to contact a locksmith. In some cases, the car locksmith may unlock the car door without causing any damage to the car. However, in other cases, the locksmith may have to damage the door or window to gain entry. So, before you call a locksmith, it is essential to understand what services they offer and whether or not they can help you with your specific situation.

How Do Locksmiths Can Help You Open Car Doors

Clients who have locked their keys or lost their keys to their car can get professional assistance from an auto locksmith. There are six different methods that an auto locksmith can unlock vehicles.

#1. Rearranging

Most vehicles now have keyless entry systems. To unlock your vehicle, you must first program it. An experienced locksmith is skilled in keyless entry systems and can reprogram the lock to unlock the car. However, if the Locksmith cannot open the car, they will have to use one of the other methods.

#2. Re-flashing of immobilizer

An immobilizer, a deterrent against theft, is available for some vehicles. A car’s immobilizer stops a thief from stealing it by preventing it from starting. Sometimes, however, the immobilizer can become defective, and the vehicle will not start even if the key is used. Auto locksmiths easily fix this problem, who can get your car moving quickly again.

#3. Using Extractor For Broken Key

Sometimes, a key is lost or damaged within the car’s lock. Locksmiths will use a broken key extractor in this instance to remove the key or key parts from the lock of the vehicle and then duplicate the key to unlock it. Locksmiths also use a door handle clip removal tool to remove the retainer clip that secures a vehicle’s door handle to the lock.

#4. Using Modern Tools

Modern, technological vehicles have keyless entry. Auto locksmiths will use either a key analyzer (or a VATS passkey encoder) to determine the car’s electrical resistance. To make a key, they use a key cutter that can cut a code mechanically to create a key precisely like the original.

The locksmiths introduced multi-car opening tools (MCOT). A Multi-Car Opening Tools (MCOT) to Open a Car Door These are also installed between the weatherstrip and outside your window glass. These rods have bends and turns that allow you to bypass the mechanical security features within your car’s doors.

They are usually inserted on the exterior and navigate through the door. They can then open the car by pressing or pulling on the unlock button or grasping and pulling on the door handle.

Sometimes, such as the Slim Jim, they can be used to grab a linkage inside the door that has been covered by the manufacturer so that a Slim Jim will not work.

There are many designs available to fit the various cars on the market.

Plastic wedges can be used to maintain a separation between the glass of the door and the seal when using Slim Jims or MCTs to reduce damage to the seal.

Factory-built anti-theft technology is built into cars to stop this type of access. These attempts can lock down vehicles and prevent them from starting in newer cars if they are not made correctly. This is especially true for high-end cars. This can be a drawback to either of the above methods.

The Locksmith uses a long piece of metal to open the car’s doors in a not intended way. The tool could scratch the exterior or interior finishes of the car and cause damage to the weather seals.

The skilled method of opening cars doors is to use MCOT. A locksmith uses these tools to open the car’s doors. This is a professional locksmith who has been trained in car opening.

#5. Using Slim Jim

Slim Jims are found between the weather stripping, the glass, and the exterior door windows. They then go into the door frame. They can be bent easily to pass through any obstructions in the door. The Slim Jim’s hook is used to grasp the lock’s mechanical linkage.

Slim Jims are an outdated technology. In the late 1980s, mechanical linkages were replaced by electronic cable linkages. These cables are not safe for Slim Jims to grab. The pull-up/push-down bar at the rear of your car that locks and unlocks it was replaced by locking buttons, often located near the interior door handle. Slim Jims cannot handle either of these.

To prevent Slim Jims from getting around the car doors, car manufacturers also began putting barriers in them. A second tool was needed.

#6. Using J and L Tools

Auto locksmiths use a J-tool to unlock older cars with switch lock and unlock buttons close to the inner panels of the doors. The J tool is used to reach the car’s interior through the window’s top. The J tool is used to open the car’s doors by pushing the unlock button. The J tool is very similar in design to the L tool. The L tool is slightly different in that it has a somewhat different shape and can be used with specific car models.

Auto locksmiths are equipped with the tools and experience to unlock any vehicle without causing damage. If you find yourself in an emergency and your lock or key is not working, an auto locksmith can help. They will provide a fast, reliable, and affordable service.

#7. Using a Long Reach Tool

A long reach tool can reach through the car and unlock the car or retrieve keys locked in the car.

These tools are not meant to enter the car through the glass window. Instead, they can use the door seal to get in.

To separate the door from its frame, we use wedges to create a gap where a long-reach tool can enter to unlock the car’s lock mechanism. These can be either hard plastic wedges (which expand like a balloon) or airbag wedges (which are made of soft material) to create the gap.

This may be the only method a locksmith has to open a car door for some vehicles. It is the easiest to learn and the riskiest.

The wedges can bend the door and leave a gap. This can lead to annoying noises like whistling as you drive.

Another problem is that wedges can damage the paint, dent the door frame or frame where they are inserted, and scratch the finish with the tool inserted in the gap.

Only use this method if necessary by a trusted local locksmith. Although they will tell how far they can go before causing damage, even the most skilled locksmiths can still cause damage.

#8. By Picking Locks:

In locksmithing, traditional picking car doors with standard lock pick is scarce.

Car locks are based on a wafer system. Wafers can be fragile, made from brass, and not very thick. A door lock can be picked by bending a wafer. If this happens, it will not be possible to pick another lock.

There are also advanced picking tools that can pick the wafers from the door and then read them to make a car key.

These tools are called Lishi tools and can be pretty expensive. They also require some training and are specific to each car. The cost of having all the necessary tools to open many vehicles can run into the thousands for a locksmith.

Some tools can be fragile and easily damaged. If used incorrectly, tools can cause damage to the wafers inside the lock. The lock will need to be taken out and repaired or drilled out if the other gain entry methods fail.

They can be very effective if they are handled by a local locksmith who is experienced.

One benefit that tools can offer is for both the Locksmith and the customer. They can not only open the car’s door but can also read the door lock wafers. If all keys are lost, the Locksmith can use the door lock’s wafers to make a new key.

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