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Re-KeyA safe is a great way to store your valuables and keep them out of sight from would-be thieves. But what if you lost the key? You can do some things, but it may take an expert safe locksmith to help you get back into your safe or vault.

The first thing that people do is panic, but many locksmiths specialize in this type of work. This blog post will give information on what to do if this happens and some tips for protecting your belongings from being stolen by others who have the key. We also discuss how to prevent this from happening again with some helpful hints. Please read on for details!  

How To Rekey a Lock?

When a locksmith takes on the job of rekeying your lock, they need to consider how it’s laid out and designed. Without an original key from when you first got this device installed in its current position can make things difficult for them because then there will be no way to know what went wrong or if anything else needs fixing!

However, it is not as difficult for homeowners who want to rekey their locks themselves. When you buy one of the many different kits out there on the market, they give you detailed instructions and tools necessary to complete the job.  

  • The first step would be to remove your old lock and take it apart carefully without damaging anything. If you don’t already know how to do this, you can take it to a locksmith who will be able to get it apart for you.
  • Next, make sure that no pieces are left behind when it is taken out.
  • Lastly, put the new lock-in and screw it tightly in place while following all of the instructions given to you with your new kit. Safe Re-keying

When it comes to rekeying a safe, the process is much more complicated than it sounds. Because of its size and design, most locksmiths will charge you an arm and a leg to do this kind of work. But there may be some who won’t work for you until they know what kind of safe it is and how many tumblers are inside.

Make The Safe Key With A Locksmith.

When you take your safety to a locksmith, and they see that you have lost the key, there are a few things that they may do to help you get back inside. This includes:

  • Key making is one of the most critical skills for any locksmith to master. Not only does it allow them access into your home or office, but it also lets you know that everything’s been done legally with original keys, which will protect both parties involved in an agreement!
  • When it comes to safe-cracking, a number stamped near the keyhole tells locksmiths what kind of keys they need and how best to cut them. With this information at hand, all that’s left is for you to get your hands on some blanks!
  • If there is no number stamped on the keyhole, a locksmith may use an impression technique to make it. This takes longer because they first need to determine what blank needs from thousands of possibilities though an experienced local shop like ours should find it rather quickly with just some Investigation and Research. 
  • If the safe key needs to be a restricted or high-security individual, there are many options for getting into your gun cabinet. A locksmith may have to access only standard blanks, but they can still get you in with these tools if it’s necessary! The first step would involve drilling out an existing hole and replacing any damaged parts before refitting everything back together again securely (if possible).

How To Unlock Locked Safe if The Keys Are Lost

locksmiths can change your locks even if you’ve lost or misplaced the original key. In general, it’s possible to pick a lock and unlock the door – but there are many different types of locks out on today’s market. So this process may be done differently for certain varieties depending on who is doing the work. If you have a lock built into a metal housing, a locksmith may be able to drill out the lock and replace it with a new one.

If you lose your keys, then there are some situations where you will want to have them rekeyed. You can try to find the lost keys for a few minutes, but if the situation is not like that, then it is better to get your lock changed so that nobody can use your old keys against you.

Many people have questions about getting a smart lock rekeyed. You can also change the key to a smart lock. This is something that an highly experienced locksmith should help you with. If you have any questions about this process, we can help you. Our team will make sure your lock is rekeyed safely and appropriately.

Other Ways To Unlock Locked Safe

If You Lost Keys, there are other ways to unlock a locked safe if you have lost your keys. We will also give you a general guideline on what to do next if this happens.

Replacement Keys: You can either try and find your key or take the route of getting a new one. If you’re not in too much of a hurry, then go ahead with requesting the manufacturer. They’ll be able to quickly provide copies for all their different models (and serial numbers) so that there’s no delay when trying again!

Pick The Lock: The chances of getting into your safe when you lock yourself out are slim. You might think about trying to break it open, but a 99% chance is not worth taking! The only thing that will happen if this happens? A damaged piece of hardware and maybe even worse: Live fire from a burning building which can set off all sorts of damages further down the line – don’t risk anything for something so small compared with what’s inside (just my opinion). The quickest and easiest way to pick a lock is by calling your local locksmith. They have the right tools and skills for any situation, so you don’t need an expensive degree to unlock that pesky door!

Drill the Safe: While picking a lock is impossible, which usually happens with high-security safe locks, drilling may be the next step to get your items back. Do not feel frustrated in case your locksmith suggests you drill open the safe! It’s a common practice, and it’s something that they’re very comfortable doing.

There are a few different ways to drill open a safe, and your locksmith will be able to help you determine the best way to do this. They may need to cut into the safe to get inside – but again, this is something that they are more than capable of doing.

Replace the Lock: Not many safes have this possibility, but some models allow you to replace the lock in case the key is lost. In case the locksmith drilled the safe to unlock it, it would be possible to replace the lock with a new one and provide you with new keys to it. Experienced locksmiths do not only deal with critical safes. But also with mechanical dial combination or pin code dial locks in case you forgot the combination or some malfunction with the lock.

Safe Opening Toronto

If you find yourself in a situation where the key to your safe has been lost, do not panic. A locksmith can assist with rekeying an old lock to operable again without causing any damage to the new one. GR Locksmith is available 24 hours for emergency services and will be able to work quickly on this task when you call them at 647-559-2255 or email