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Coronavirus Thermal Scanner Machine

Thermal cameras have been in use for quite some time. For instance, powerline maintenance operators use thermal cameras to trace parts that overheat to purge any possible failures. Today, amid the on-going Coronavirus pandemic, cities and businesses are looking to resume operations, and they will be required to put a proactive measure in place to safeguard the wellbeing and health of their employees and customers at their premises.

Thermal cameras can be a device to help you monitor your employees’ and customers’ health. The device, for instance, allows you to have about 12 people through your door, and it would have captured the temperature of all of the 12 people. And alert you which of the individuals you need to pull to the side for further investigation.

Why Thermal Cameras?

One of the earliest indications of Coronavirus is fever, and temperature sensing security and thermal imaging cameras can help detect the people with raised body temperatures. When train depots, hospitals, airports, or venues use the coronavirus thermal scanner machine, they quickly spot people with fever. Then the device alerts security personnel who takes the necessary precaution to isolated those with high temperature for further screening by healthcare professionals.

Advances in surveillance technology play a significant role in limiting the spread of the Coronavirus. There is immense potential in the thermal scanner machine, and several businesses and organizations have been taking advantage of this.

Benefits of Thermal Cameras 

The thermal camera solutions have been designed to support a wide range of organizations and industries in the frontline of the fight against Coronavirus, as well as industries preparing for when the current lockdown will be eased. To allow its application in different situations, thermal cameras have been created in several formats, from mounted cameras to hand-held units. 

More importantly, your employees and customers don’t need to be touched by the screeners to do the scan. It is also important to note that thermal cameras can deliver body temperature readings with a little margin of error. Skin temperature also takes place in real-time, and the system issue an audible alert when an individual with high body temperature is detected. Finally, this device can be easily set in most public spaces. 

Steps to Using the Thermal Imaging Camera Solution 

Most times, the screening for Coronavirus looks like this: 

Step #1: Coronavirus thermal scanner machine remotely monitors people at the screen checkpoints at your company.

Step #2: The security personnel spot any individual with high body temperature on a screen monitor or gets alerted by an audible alarm when anyone shows an elevated body temperature. 

Step #3: The security personnel directs the individual with fever to an isolated place to be screened further by health professionals. 

Learn More About Thermal Scan Camera

At Thermal Scan Camera, we offer a variety of advanced technology solutions to help business owners in selecting a solution that provides an additional layer of protection for their employees and customers. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can help you customizes a thermal camera solution that can help limit the spread of the Coronavirus at your workplace.


Coronavirus Thermal Scanner Machine

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